What we offer

Bystander Media makes content-driven companies better digital publishers by optimizing their editorial people, processes and products. We are a New York-based consulting and services firm that works with management on content strategy and editorial systems — newsroom organization, workflow, change management, productivity and editorial product development. We help with implementation at every level to transform the quality and engagement of the content on which your brand depends and the capabilities and commitment of those producing it.

Who we can help

We accelerate traditional publishers’ transition to digital, pure-play digital publishers’ deployment of best practice to create high quality, efficiently produced relevant content, and aid firms, non-profits and organizations that don’t think of themselves primarily as publishers to make the most of content they have, both realized and unrealized. We work with established sites and start-ups and have a broad range of experience from financial-services to news and luxury lifestyle sites. Past and present clients include CNBC, Quartz, NYCityWoman, Summit Business Media and the Spanfeller Media Group.

Our mission is straightforward: to give you a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage from your content and your people who create it.

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